Rail Shoulder

A rail shoulder is a pre-inserted item in the concrete sleepers, no matter for single stem type or twin stem type, used to fix the elastic rail clips, mainly e-clips, within the fastening system.

We are capable of producing two types of rail shoulders for rail clips: cast in shoulder and weld-on shoulder.

Cast in Rail Shoulders:

Cast in Shoulder is made by casting from iron, and such shoulder is used by being pre-embedded in the concrete sleepers and works with the elastic clip to fasten the rail.

For materials, cast in shoulder includes 3 types:  M.C.I. shoulder by malleable iron and S.G.C.I. shoulder by malleable iron and S.G.C.I. shoulder by spheroid graphite iron.

Main Material Technical Parameter of Cast in Rail Shoulders

Material Chemical Composition〔%〕of Cast in Rail Shoulders

Other materials available: QT600-3,QT700-2,ZG25,ZG35,ZG45 and so on.

Standard: GB/T 1348-1988, NF EN 1563(1997), ISO1038, DIN 1693, JIS G5502 (2001), KS D 4302, GOST 7293(1985) or BS EN 1563(1997).

Weld-on Shoulder:

Weld-on shoulder is made by hot forging, and such shoulder is used for places where standard sleepers are unable to be easily used so the shoulders need to be welded on the flat steel base plates. In this way, it can fabricates the rail retaining units on both the steel ties and base plates, according to AREMA standard always.

Weld-on shoulders can be applied for Pandrol style clips with a range of 30lbs to 113lbs.

Special rail shoulder

Such kind of shoulder can be produced by hot forging as well, to be used together with rail clip bolts and special rail clips to fasten the rail, with material of low or mid carbon steels.