Rail Gauge Rod

A rail gauge tie rod, sometimes called gauge tie bar, gauge draw bar, is always used to prevent rails from spreading or tilting, to stabilize the rails in certain distance.

We can supply standard gauge rods for 56-½" track and rails of 60-140 lbs, for both non-insulated and insulated type, with approved certificate of ISO9001:2008 and CRCC authorization. Besides, we produce various kinds of gauge tie rods, such as AREMA 1-1/4 "insulated gauge tie rod, and other gauge rod used in UIC, BS rails, with length of 600mm,762mm,900mm,1435mm, etc.

Standard Rail Gauge Rod

A standard gauge rod with two ends includes components of 1pcs rod, 4pcs iron card, 4pcs flat washer, 4pcs nuts, 4pcs spring washer, no matter for non-insulated, or insulated types.

  • Application: 43,50,60,75kg/m rail
  • Operating temperature: -40~60 degrees Celsius
  • Standard: TB/T1780-86

Non-standard gauge tie rod:

it is to be produced by customizing depending on customers’ drawings and specific requirements.